Since we can’t fly you here to experience what we did, click here and order some Costa Rican Tarrazu coffee.

Interesting Fact: No matter how bad the coffee is at any given mill or plantation you say, “This is the best coffee in all of Costa Rica!” To say that you do not like someone’s coffee is like saying that you think their child is ugly and dumb, it is just something that you do not do.

Today we saw the biggest wet and dry mills in all of Costa Rica. To give you perspective we were told that the owner of the dry mill (something like a big warehouse with processing capability) makes 1 million dollars off of the coffee that spills onto the ground out of the burlap sacks every year! That is just the coffee that he sweeps up off the ground and repackages. And, the general manager of the wet mill has his mill running 24 hours a day for 3 months straight every year. During this 3 month span he does 10,000 coffee cuppings to ensure the quality of their coffee. What makes this even more interesting is that drinking coffee  is against his religion (he swishes it in his mouth then spits it out, he does not drink it).

The drive to Tarrazu, Costa Rica was beautiful. It consisted of a 2 hour car ride that wound through tropical forests. The higher we got in the mountains the better the view became as we were able to see for miles down into the valleys. We drove so high that we pierced the cloud canopy and emerged on the other side, overlooking a cloud-covered paradise. I think moments like this one are the reason that the word “joy” was created, because nothing else comes close to explaining the experience.

Enjoy living,