Random fact of the day: The term “gringo” is said to have come from when some annoying Irish men visited Costa Rica and apparently were not liked very much and were told that the green must go which apparently turned into  “green go” I don’t know if this is true but this is what our guide told us.

So since the pictures pretty much explain most of what our day was like, I would like to give special attention to all of the statues of rather large women that appear all around our hotel and surrounding area. David and I expected that these statues were of some great cultural relevance to the people of Costa Rica… I will attempt to explain the significance of this large woman statue in poem form.

Oh large woman statue… you are such a mystery

Could you be someone’s grandma

Could you be the village cook

Would you read me a bedtime book

Do you give the warmest hugs

Do you help kill the scary bugs

Oh large woman, of what importance are you…

Well according to our guide it is of absolutely no significance to Costa Rica and must be just what some local artist likes to sculpt… Since my poem about this statue is not good at all I would encourage you to “comment” and write a poem of what you think this statue symbolizes.

Take a minute to let yourself laugh,