It makes sense that God rested on the 7th day because earlier in the week he made the rain forests in Costa Rica. Saturday David and I went on a canopy tour through the rain forests here. Costa Rica has about .25% of the world’s landmass yet it contains about 5% of the world’s bio diversity. (The photos below are courtesy of google image searches. This is because we did not think it wise to bring the camera into a rain forest…)

The view was amazing during our tour and the rain rhythmically beat on the canvas roof of our tram. The two young women from Brooklyn who were also in our tram didn’t miss a chance to yell at our guide. They did not seem to understand that it rains in a rain forest and this could lead to getting wet. Also they were upset that our guide did not have total control over the animals. They seemed to confuse zoos as being accurate representations of nature and did not seem to understand that most of the animals were nocturnal or did not want to be out in the open during a heavy down pour. At first their attitudes were kind of annoying but slowing it became comical as they received the nick name “Brujitas” by the other tour groups and guides which means “witch” in Spanish.

A few of the more interesting things we saw are pictured above. We saw a dead moth with a parasite growing out of it which seemed rather Scifi-esque. A golden orb weaver spider that was about the size of my hand, they get their name from having a golden hue to their webs. Apparently their webs are the strongest webs on record and it is common that small birds get caught in them and eaten… Finally we saw a blue butterfly that seemed to radiate a neon blue light.

Following the lead of the Creator, on the seventh day, we too rested.