Plantation Panoramic

Gorgeous view from the top of a coffee plantation

So today we went to visit a plantation that was for sale. Let me preface this with a wow. We got picked up in a Land Rover Discovery outfitted with mud terrain tires and a winch on the front. It seemed like overkill until we saw the roads we would be going up. Over the next half an hour we crawled up steep and muddy terrain as we wound our way up the mountain through the plantation. I have seen the ruins of Ankor Wat, sunrise and sunset over the Sea of Cortez, and the northern lights over the fjords in Norway, yet the view at the top of the plantation made me grin stupidly and lost for words. Now to think this was on a cloudy and rainy day, which blocked the site of a nearby active volcano and two immense valleys… Even so, it instantly made my short list of cool things I have seen in life.

Everyday an adventure,