Welcome family, friends, and coffee lovers. We would like to share with you the adventures that David VanTongeren, and I, Lawson Bunch, have as we learn more about the beloved world of coffee.

Today started early as we flew from Chicago to Houston, where due to delays we were forced to sprint through the airport and jump on the back of a golf cart to make it to our connecting flight to San Jose, Costa Rica with just minutes to spare. Upon reaching our assigned seats on the plane we would find out that the two older… to call them gentlemen would be far too kind, explained to us why they loved Costa Rica. After hearing all of their advice we knew precisely what not to do during our stay here. Nevertheless it made a memory and most likely made everyone else within ear shot feel uncomfortable. The men working customs didn’t even acknowledge our presence. We put our bags on the conveyor belt and walked to the other side and picked them up. No one even pretended to look at the x-ray monitor. That laid back attitude was our first taste of how life is lived here.

Upon arriving in San Jose, we were welcomed with a steady yet light rain with low hanging clouds drifting back and forth, taking turns hiding the surrounding mountains from view.¬†Weary from a day of travel we decided to eat dinner within walking distance of our hotel. After finishing our entree’s the waiter asked if we would like coffee or dessert. We started to say no then remembered we are on a coffee internship… how can we say no to coffee?! The waiter brought us two cups of espresso with steamed milk on the side. I took the cup in my hands, held it close to my face and breathed deep. The aroma was overwhelming, it was everything a cup should be, without realizing it I said aloud, “WOW this is amazing!” which our waiter in response smiled proudly and replied, “Yeah, you are in Costa Rica”. If this is any indication of what is to come then this will most surely be a trip of a lifetime. To have arguably the best cup of coffee in ones life, before even having visited the coffee plantations… We were grinning like fools.

I hope you will join us in what adventures tomorrow will bring. Bring a cup of your favorite blend to the computer with you, and take a minute to journey with us through the coffee plantations of Costa Rica.

Until then, enjoy the small things…

-Lawson Bunch